Peugeot 207 models go green

Under new road tax bands, a car will not be eligible for first year road tax if it has emissions under 130g/km. Currently, 25 of the 26 Peugeot 207 models exempt from first year VED boast emissions under 120g/km.

The lowest, the 99g/km Economique version of the 207, is one of the cleanest hatchbacks available to buy without choosing an electric, hybrid or alternative fuel powertrain.

Peugeot claims having so many low-CO2 versions of one model is rare. A spokesperson said: "Some manufacturers, limit the choice of low CO2 vehicles to just a single model or a small range.

"Therefore, customers have to compromise if they want to choose a low CO2 vehicle as their main priority. With the Peugeot 207, potential customers have a choice of 26 different low CO2 models to choose from"

Choices range from the three- and five-door hatchback versions to estate, sportier Coupe Cabriolet drop-tops and special editions such as the Millesim and GT models.

The Peugeot 207 range starts from £11,895 on-the-road and all models are included in Peugeot’s June offer of a free Nokia 5230 smart phone with satellite navigation and in-car mounting kit.