Scrappage scheme ‘most successful collaboration’

The scrappage scheme has been hailed as the most successful ever collaboration between car manufacturers and government by industry experts.

Car industry analysts Glass’s says, contrary to expectations, 90 per cent of new buyers in the scrappage scheme were not intending to buy a new car before the scheme started.

Many had predicted the scrappage scheme would simply ‘pull-forward’ new car sales for people hoping to buy a new car later in the year. This could cause a slump in new car registrations in late 2010.

However, manufacturers such as Ford, which sold 44,349 vehicles under the scheme, will be more confident after figures showed only one in ten new cars bought during the scheme were pull-forward sales.

In European markets the figure was much higher, for example Germany over 200,000 of the 700,000 sales would have taken place in 2010 anyway.

The findings are displayed in Glass’s latest report, ‘The UK Car Market – managing sustainable recovery.’ The report estimated total new vehicle registrations would have been 1.78 million in 2009 without the scrappage scheme as opposed to the actual figure of 1.99 million.

The scheme was a huge success in the UK and several manufacturers saw an increase in sales during the scheme.

Japanese manufacturer Kia recorded sales of 32,815, the fourth highest in the scheme. Fiat and Vauxhall also made the top ten, with 30,786 and 26,415 respectively.