Jaguar XJ set to sparkle

Jaguar will provide a fleet of new XJs to transport actors, television personalities, musicians and jewellery designers across London for the week, which runs from 7 to 13 June.

The British-based manufacturer of luxury cars will also be hosting a jewellery exhibition to launch the Green Street Jewellers’ Association’s ‘Discover Jewellery’ magazine at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Jaguar claims the event is a close match to the company, which is ‘synonymous with stunning design, innovative thinking and contemporary luxury’.

The new Jaguar XJ has been described as ‘icon of design excellence’ by the Jewellery Week organisers, who added they were ‘incredibly pleased’ to team up with Jaguar.

The Jaguars can be seen at the launch event on the 7 June, and the public are being offered the chance to get even closer to the newly launched model when a competition to win a track day is announced in the next week.

Jaguar’s newest version of the luxury saloon, available from £53,900, was built at the Castle Bromwich plant and was officially launched in a wave of publicity including a month long celebration in Manchester, where free test drives were offered to the public.