Ford delivers ‘Lions in Transit’ to Bath

A pride of 100 lion sculptures will appear on the streets of Bath in the summer to celebrate the city receiving World Heritage City status.

But organisers of the event were faced with a problem. The 100 heavy, individually designed works of art needed to be transported across the city before the launch of the Lions of Bath project.

In response to this, organisers have been loaned a long wheelbase Ford Transit van to transport the sculptures to their final locations within the city.

The van boasts boasts a load length of nearly three and a half metres and almost 12 cubic metres of load space, meaning several lions can be carried at once.

The Ford Transit has also been decorated in specially-designed livery featuring a lion and the phrase ‘Lions in Transit’.

“We are thrilled that Allen Ford has loaned us the Transit,” said event organiser Megan Witty. “We really needed a large, long wheelbase vehicle to be able to carry around as many lions as we can – with 100 in the pride the logistics can be difficult. It looks really stunning in its livery and is causing great interest in Bath.”

So far, the Ford Transit has delivered a third of the lions to their locations. At the end of the summer, the van will be put into use again to transport the lions to an auction house, where they will be sold to raise money for charity.

The lions have been decorated by artists and celebrities, including Winter Olympics gold medallist Amy Williams and Sir Peter Blake – otherwise known as Lord Bath.

The Ford Transit, built at the Southampton plant, is the best-selling van in the UK and over six million models have been sold worldwide.