Chevrolet Spark ‘pops up’ in Liverpool

We were lucky enough to be invited down to the River Mersey in Liverpool to check out the latest stop on the Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour last week.

As part of the unique tour, Chevrolet has used social media in a big way. People have been voting throughout the tour to decide where the next unscheduled event will pop up. So far the Spark has visited a multi-story car park in Newcastle, a drained swimming pool in Birmingham and now the iconic Mersey Ferry since its launch at a glitzy show in London.

The Mystery Jets, a band with a growing reputation since they supported the Arctic Monkeys, have been playing gigs at each event, ably supported by the world’s first ‘DJ Car’. The road worthy DJ car can be driven to events and in just 20 minutes it can be tipped on its side and the wheels used as fully functioning decks.

It’s a nice idea, and the entire campaign has been orchestrated to turn the idea of the gas guzzling Chevrolet muscle car on its head.

The campaign has been a success, according to a Chevrolet spokesperson. Before the event, we checked out the Chevrolet Spark and found a stylish city car with practical features such as five doors and a pod-style instrument panel.

It looks good too – the traditional ‘cute’ looks of a city car have given way to more aggressive styling and the bold choices of colour and extra ‘tags’ available increase the desirability for its target market of younger buyers.

Speaking to a number of the 200-odd people gathered for the gig, the feedback was good. Many praised the ‘underground’ nature of the campaign, and everyone emphatically said the band and setting was a great choice to advertise a car for first -time, younger, buyers.

The night was a success, and the Chevrolet Spark on the city streets of Liverpool. Chevrolet, having only entered the UK market in 2005, has managed to reinvent and reinvigorate the brand with a Spark of genius.