Citroen bids farewell to Xsara Picasso

Citroen is saying goodbye to one of the staples of its range today. After more than 270,000 sold over ten years, production of the Xsara Picasso is set to end.

First introduced in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Citroen Xsara Picasso has enjoyed ten years of sales in the UK and was the forerunner to the successful C4 Picasso and C3 Picasso lines.

There’s plenty to say about one of the more successful compact MPVs of recent times. The big, spacious cabin and big boot offered a vast storage space and the simple interior was praised for its practicality and comfort.

The Citroen Xsara Picasso was also the first environmentally-conscious MPV to be fitted with a diesel particle filter designed to improve fuel consumption.

However, it was the value of the Xsara Picasso which impressed the most. The Times, in a review of the model from as far back as 2003, said:

Citroën is the king of the deal makers, offering cash back, Vat refunds and low-rate finance to entice buyers. Yet despite big discounts on new cars the values of second-hand Picassos are strong, proving just what a fine vehicle it really is.

It can also be thanked for the rest of the Picasso line, starting with the more modern and stylish five-seat C4 Picasso, the seven-seat C4 Grand Picasso, and the new, compact C3 Picasso.

The Xsara Picasso may not be the most modern of MPVs anymore, particularly compared to the C3 Picasso, but it was a resounding success for the manufacturer and will surely be around for a while yet as a good value, practical and cheap-to-run second hand MPV.

Finally, the Xsara Picasso was the subject of one of the more well-known car advertisement campaigns of recent years. The ‘mischievous and artistically-talented production line robots’ – there’s a line you never thought you’d write – appeared in this advert:

Meanwhile, the Citroen C3 Picasso has now sold more than 12,000 models in the UK since its launch in 2009 to continue the growing popularity of the Picasso range.

We think Citroen should bring back the robots though…