Land Rover Range Rover review

Range Rover 3.6 TDV8 Vogue SE

The limousine of the 4×4 world is a lot to live up to, but it’s a phrase increasingly associated with the Range Rover – a car that is pretty much the undisputed champ of the luxury SUV world.

Right from the word go the Range Rover makes you feel small. It looks huge, and there’s a step into the cabin if you’re too small to make it in one go.

But the Range Rover also makes you feel important, powerful and safe. The interior is sumptuous in a way that only a select few cars on the road really are. It’s a peculiarly British sense of luxury and the smoothness of the ride, the high seating position and high quality of the interior combine to give the impression of being on a boat, more than a road car.

For 2010, the Rangey gets a few visual tweaks, including virtual dials and the dual-screen infotainment system that can display navigation to the driver while showing a DVD to the passenger. It is incredibly clever kit that really marks the Range Rover out as something a bit special.

From the outside it’s all gleaming white paint job, chrome and blacked-out windows. It’s a car to leave quite the impression, and all the Land Rover models are unmistakeable. The Range Rover is the top of the tree, and it look like it means business.

This is backed up by a 3.6-litre turbodiesel, or even 5.0-litre petrols, including a Supercharged version. These large cars are outputting significant amounts of power and torque, but it’s not just on the road where the Range Rover excels.

The Range Rover is a superbly comfortable machine, luxurious even, but there’s no compromise off-road. The Range Rover is acknowledged as one of the finest off-road vehicles on the market – and there’s 40 years of expertise and skill that goes into making it a fearsome mud-plugger, if you’re happy to mess up the Rangey’s gleaming good looks.

On the road the Range Rover is supremely comfortable, but it’s backed up by all of that power and torque from the big engines. Don’t let that style leave you in any doubt as to the serious intent behind the large SUV.

The kick in the back through the sumptuous black leather-clad multi-adaptable seats will not leave you in any doubt, and though there seems to be little point in buying a Range Rover for pure driving pleasure, it’s no mug on twisty A roads.

So, now in its third generation, and following a mid-life facelift, we find the Range Rover where it’s been for the last 40 years – still at the top of the tree.