Technology awards for Vauxhall lights

Vauxhall’s Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+) technology has been awarded a ‘Genius 2010’ prize for reducing the risk of accidents at night.

The Genius prize was the sixth of its kind awarded by insurance company Allianz for advances in public safety and awareness in car design.

Vauxhall received the award for being the first manufacturer to install the AFL+ technology on its cars in 2002.

The technology, available on the Insignia and new Vauxhall Astra, illuminates the roadside without blinding oncoming traffic because of its nine automatic lighting functions.

The bi-xenon headlamps change the width, direction and range of the light as the car drives through cities, countryside and on highways.

Sensors are also capable of adapting the lights to changes in weather and traffic conditions.

Rita Forst, Vice President Global Vehicle Engineering at Vauxhall, accepted the award. She said: "With AFL+, we offer the most advanced lighting system in the world. We are of course very pleased with this recognition of our work."