Mazda outlines green strategy

The manufacturer has set a 2015 target to reduce fuel consumption and intends to achieve this by refining current combustion technology instead of hybrid or alternative fuel powertrains.

Currently, the Mazda3 boasts just 119g/km of CO2 emissions, and Mazda claims it can be further reduced without the need for hybrid technology.

"We expect that the internal combustion engine will remain the dominant and economic choice into the foreseeable future," explained Mazda Fleet and Remarketing Director Peter Allibon.

While the company stressed it was researching alternatives to petrol and diesel ‘behind the scenes’, a three step green strategy launched today focuses instead on more traditional methods.

Mazda will attempt to redesign future models to reduce weight, improve aerodynamics and use new fuel-saving technology such as idling stopping systems and new Skytech fuel economy boosting technology.

The Skytech system includes more refined engines a new six-speed automatic transmission to replace the old five-speed transmission currently used.

Mazda estimate the enhanced technology could cut emissions of larger family cars to supermini levels and increase fuel economy to up to 70mpg.

Now the company is targeting vehicles with sub-100g/km of CO2 emissions by 2015, matching the figures of the current best-selling hybrid, the Toyota Prius.

In particular, Mazda has targeted the company car and fleet market with a number of low-CO2 models due to be released in 2012.

Allibon added: "When fleets and drivers replace their existing Mazda company cars from 2012 onwards they will see significant performance and environmental improvements to what is already a multi-award winning vehicle line-up."