Fiat plans electric Fiat 500

The versatile city car has been released in cabriolet, eco:Drive, special edition Pink and Pink cabriolet versions so far, and an electric model could soon follow.

Chrysler, which is effectively controlled by Fiat, has announced plans to release an all-electric vehicle based on the Fiat 500 city car in the US.

Production of the Fiat 500EV will begin in 2012 in the US, and although no plans have been announced to release a UK version, more news is expected later this year about the possibility of bringing the ‘green’ car to UK shores.

The Fiat 500EV first appeared as a concept car at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. Chrysler chose Fiat 500 platform because it was small and lightweight, according to Scott Kunselman, Senior VP of engineering at Chrysler.

Announcing the Fiat 500EV, Kunselman said: "The alliance with Fiat presented new opportunities to merge Chrysler Group engineering knowledge with new platforms and the Fiat 500EV is an outstanding example of our efforts."

Using a lithium-ion battery and entirely electric powertrain, the Fiat 500EV would be a competitor for the Nissan Leaf, which will be introduced in the UK in 2012.

Chrysler have yet to announce the range, performance statistics and price of the Fiat 500EV.