Mazda introduces MX-5 Black & Matte Edition

The MX-5 Black & Matte is a one-off design from Mazda France and Paris design house LK and will not be sold.

Mazda says rhinestones, gems and crystals are part of the design, which was showcased at the 21st annual Salon du Cabriolet, Coupe and SUV in Paris.

Featured a Parisian model wielding swords, the Mazda MX-5 unveiling coupe was revealed in a stylish showcase at the show.

The matte black version of the roadster is based on the standard MX-5, and theoretically would feature the 2.0-litre engine present in the standard version.

Several manufacturers have introduced matte black special editions in recent years, including the Lotus Scura and Lexus LFA.