Fiat range ‘making contribution to eco-friendly cars’

Every Fiat car has an important contribution to making the industry greener.

That is the view of Andrew Humberstone, managing director for Fiat Group Automobiles UK and Ireland, who was commenting on recent figures that showed the car manufacturer is top of the pile in terms of having the best fuel efficiency for its vehicles.

He added: "That means that every vehicle we sell is making its own contribution to emissions cutting and is playing its part in making Europe a cleaner place in which to live."

The figures from Jato Dynamics showed the Fiat range as having the best average CO2 emissions for the second successive year in 2009 at a rate of 127.8 g/km.

This could be good news for people looking to buy a Fiat car because it has already beaten the average European target of 130 g/km to be achieved by 2015.

Mr Humberstone noted: "These are important figures as they show not just the environmental impact of one or two of our cars, but the whole range."

One of the reasons why the manufacturer came out on top of the fuel efficient car rankings could have been down to the producer’s Eco:drive system which is designed to improve a person’s green car awareness.

The in-car computer application analyses how a motorist drives and helps them to use less petrol, which should then improve their fuel economy.

The manufacturer advises people to plan ahead and combine errands so they are not making more than one trip. Travelling outside the main times that everyone else drives is another tip because there will be less time spent queuing and therefore fewer CO2 emissions released from the car.

A speed between 55 and 65 mph should be an optimum pace for fuel economy, however this changes depending on which model a driver has. And keeping to a constant speed in this bracket should also help improve a person’s carbon footprint.

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