How to find out the range on a electric car

Earlier this week we conducted a poll on Facebook allowing you to voice your opinion on the new electric car incentives introduced by the government. The results revealed that the majority of people would not be persuaded into electric car sales through cheaper parking and increasing the use of bus lanes. The comments we received were concerned about the price and the electrical range of the vehicles so we wanted to inform you of the new tests in place to get the most of out your electric car.

How far will your car take you?

Recent research suggests that new electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids can be seen as more trustworthy as they are now tested using the WLTP test developed by the European Union, which can now reflect actual driving conditions more precisely. The latest driving range features now show a much more accurate range, allowing you to feel much more comfortable.



Finding the car for you

Finding the right car for you and your lifestyle is important especially with the strong demand for electric vehicles. As well as being environmentally friendly, electric cars have many benefits such as; lower cost, easy home charging, quieter driving experience and they are cheaper to maintain. With the government introducing incentives to reduce emissions by 2050, electric car sales are set to increase, especially with the new all electric Vauxhall Corsa-e releasing in early 2020. To find out more click here.

Working out the range

All official figures originate from the WLTP test. These are laboratory tests replacing the old NEDC driving cycle based on theoretical driving which has become outdated. The new WLTP tests are based on real-life driving and better matches on-road performance. They are much more reliable as they measure; fuel consumption, CO2 Emissions, Pollutant Emissions and Energy consumption values of alternative powertrains.

How to get a bigger range from your electric car

The weather & road conditions, driving style, the number of passengers and high-speed motorway driving can all affect the electric range of your car. Due to the battery on electric vehicles, heating or air conditioning can reduce your range and just like in a petrol or diesel car fast and aggressive driving will also lower your range. However, driving at lower speeds, gradual acceleration, engaging driving mode settings and using smart climate control will make your charge stretch further.

Working out the cost per mile

The official electricity consumption figure is located in all electric cars. This figure tells you how far you can travel using one unit of electricity, shown as ‘Miles per kWh’. With this you can compare different electric cars and can therefore, simply work out the cost per mile if you know the price of the electricity that is charging your car.