Grandparents Targeted In Safety Research

New research reveals that almost three quarters of a million British grandparents are driving their grandchildren around without following correct safety procedures. Motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, reports.


In a study to understand awareness of child safety rules among older generations, around one in seven (14%) grandparents admitted they don’t always follow recommended car seat rules. With grandparents travelling, on average, an extra 216 miles a year to cater to their grandchildren, it means that over 151 million miles are driven each year where children are potentially at risk.

Car Seats

Added to this, two in five (39%) grandparents wrongly think a seatbelt is just as safe as a car seat, and over a quarter (26%) of those with a grandchild aged between six and nine feel it’s safe to drive without a car seat or booster seat.


The research comes following a crackdown in the law earlier this year, stating that children must use a car seat until they are aged 12 or have grown above 135cm tall. Three in five of the grandparents surveyed admitted they weren’t aware of the changes to the law, with over half (55%) saying this new knowledge would definitely change their behaviour.


As a result, LV=, the insurance firm that commissioned the study, has committed to working with its customers to raise awareness of the law. The company is also calling on the Government to work in partnerships with manufacturers, schools and the authorities to raise awareness among both grandparents and parents to help them better understand the importance of using the appropriate child seats.