Fresher’s Week Driving Tips

Fresher’s week will kick in soon. This means some students with cars will be driving the furthest they’ve ever driven. Our tips give advice to students packing their bags for the drive or ride to uni.

1. Get Covered

Ensure you are covered. You should always make sure you have the right level of insurance and breakdown cover. Tell your insurer about any change of address, or you could invalidate your cover. If you are planning to buy a vehicle to travel to your university, get it serviced or checked over before you go. If you need to, ask either a parent or an experienced driver to sit with you on the trip.

2. Buddy Up

Go green and share! You can save cash on motoring costs by buddying up with mates going to the same university. Another option is to sign up to a buddy up service such as, which helps match other university students making similar journeys to you.

3. Stay Focused

Turn off the distractions. Lower the music and try to keep the sound in the car to the minimum as you need to remain focused on the road. Believe it or not, music with a rapid beat encourages you to drive more quickly.

4. Night Driving

Get going in the daytime. If you are unaccustomed with the route and don’t feel confident driving at night, why not set off in daylight to avoid any hassles? Consider a few extra refresher lessons or a motorway module to help you gain more confidence when the evenings start drawing in.

5. Phone Temptation

Switch off your phone. If you are driving unaccompanied, caught up in traffic or whatever the scenario, the temptation to use social media could arise. Don’t give it a chance – turn it off and put it out of reach.


Perrys’ motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, said: “Leaving home for the first time is exciting, yet nerve-wracking. So, ensure you know the way, where to take a break and where you can park at your new home. Also, pack wisely, ensuring you can see out of your vehicle and don’t overload it. If you’re uncertain of anything, just ask – experienced motorists will be glad to share their knowledge.”