Poor Parking and Lane Behaviour Fury

A study has revealed that it’s not just the stereotypes of ‘boy-racers’ or aggressive motorists that annoy people. Instead, poor parking and dodgy lane behaviour are two of the biggest factors to frustrate drivers. Our motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, reports.

Parking Legislation

Throughout 2015-16 there were 3,348,951 Penalty Charge Notices related to parking in London alone. These figures could be set to rise even further, with ministers also considering making it illegal to park on the pavement or kerb everywhere across the country, something that has been illegal in London (unless a specific bylaw allows it) for the past four decades. However, research from Warranty Direct suggests drivers could be in favour of new parking legislation, as a survey of 1,000 UK drivers revealed 77% dislike bad parking more than any other motoring issue.


43% hate poor or inconsiderate parking, such as parking over a space line in a car park, so another vehicle cannot park in the next-door space. 19% say they dislike it when people overtake to ‘steal’ spaces and 15% are irritated by individuals who park at petrol pumps but do not need petrol!

  Parking Hates Percentage of vote
1 Drivers that park badly and/or inconsiderately 43%
2 Stealing parking spaces 19%
3 Drivers that park at petrol pumps and don’t buy petrol 15%

Poor understanding when it comes to overtaking or changing lanes is also a huge bugbear for British drivers. In these cases, the biggest annoyance is being cut up by another vehicle on motorways (42%). This is followed by 34% disliking fellow motorists who undertake on motorways and 18% hating drivers who speed up to prevent individuals from changing lanes.

  Lane Etiquette Hates Percentage of vote
1 Drivers that cut you up 42%
2 Drivers that undertake on the motorway 34%
3 Drivers that speed up to prevent others changing lanes 18%

Over a quarter of respondents (26%) disliked slow drivers, and whilst more tentative motorists could be praised for their consideration on the roads, 32% of survey respondents said they hate it when others are ‘over-hesitant’. Late for work and want to finish getting ready en route? Perhaps an earlier start would be better, as people who apply make-up whilst at the wheel annoy 35% of other drivers. Many don’t realise they could also be prosecuted for this action too!

Driving Etiquette

Commenting on the results, Warranty Direct’s boss, Simon Ackers, said: “The results from our survey highlight that bad parking and substandard lane etiquette are a significant cause of frustration amongst UK drivers. We’d advise anyone who is unsure of correct driving etiquette to check the Highway Code, to ensure they improve the driving experience, not only for themselves, but for other members of the public as well.”