iPhone Driving Safety Feature Welcomed

Perrys has welcomed the declaration by software goliath, Apple, that its next iPhone software update will contain a ‘do not disturb while driving’ mode.


Nonetheless, a spokesman cautions that personal accountability surpasses technology as the most effectual way of staying safe and legal while motoring.


Perrys motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, said: “As motorists, we all have 100 per cent concentration on hand at any one time; anyone intentionally allowing some of that concentration to be aimed at something other than the driving task is affecting safety.”


He continued: “The Apple update is an admirable move forward, and a potent awareness-raiser for road safety. That said; there is concern that there is an option for a car occupant to overrule the ‘do not disturb’ mode. Currently, I’m not aware of any tech that can differentiate between a driver and passenger selecting to override the safety feature. Undoubtedly, offenders, with little or no regard for the law, will pick this option and continue to put lives at risk by using a mobile phone while behind the wheel.”

Avoid Phoning

Tim added: “For every motorist, taking personal responsibility and never touching or using a phone on a journey is the most effective way of decreasing risk. A bit of planning might be needed, and this can make a massive difference for road safety.”


Tim concluded: “Anyone in a high-pressure working setting needs the support of clients and colleagues so that we work together to eradicate the expectations on so many motorists to be available at all times. Let’s put safety first on every road journey.