Vauxhall To End Football Sponsorship

Vauxhall sponsoring home nations

Vauxhall Motors has announced that it will be stepping down from its role as lead sponsor of the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland football teams beyond the World Cup in 2018.


Vauxhall has, however, agreed to explore other opportunities to continue its relationship with the FAs beyond the conclusion of the existing contracts.


Since 2011, the Griffin-badged motor company has been very proud to be the lead sponsor for each of the four Home Nations football associations, the first time this has ever been undertaken by a major organisation.


During this time, Vauxhall has enjoyed excellent relations with all the associations and the partnerships have proved extremely successful in delivering its original targeted strategic objectives.


Vauxhall Motors has been manufacturing vehicles in Britain continuously since 1903. Vauxhall’s range spans all mainstream sectors of the vehicle market, with best-selling model names regularly topping the sales charts. Vauxhall is also the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom. The company employs c5000 people in the UK and exports three quarters of its production.


Vauxhall will now concentrate its marketing resources on communicating the wealth of new, innovative and technologically advanced models that will be launched over the coming months and years.