Guide To Driving Your Brand New Car

Purchasing a brand new vehicle is something many of us fantasise about. Although ‘running-in’ an engine is not as vital these days as it used to be, there are still several things to take into consideration as you drive your gleaming new showpiece out of the showroom.


The following tips on driving a new vehicle, from Perrys’ motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, should stand you in good stead.

1. Brakes

Allow your car’s brakes to bed in. Start driving smoothly and steer clear of hard acceleration and heavy braking. Your vehicle’s tyres will also last a lot longer if treated kindly for the first hundred miles.

2. Fluids

Examine the oil and coolant levels regularly. The oil use may be comparatively high for the first five thousand miles as the engine parts loosen up little by little. But after those first few thousand miles, the oil consumption should start to stabilise.

3. Speed

If at all possible, avoid long commutes at unvarying engine speed for around the first thousand miles Altering the car’s engine speed helps the components to begin working as one over the whole speed range.

4. Fuel

Fuel consumption will also steadily get better as the moving parts bed in. Therefore, don’t be too disheartened if your vehicle’s first tankful of petrol or diesel doesn’t take you as far as you’d anticipated. It is quite usual for mpg to build-up steadily over a few thousand miles.


Tim Barnes-Clay said: “Purchasing a brand-new car is exhilarating, but it is also a considerable investment. Treating your vehicle with a little restraint to start with will help all the components to perform at their best for longer and more dependably. This will also help you get the feel of your motor before you fully make the most of its performance.”