Ditch Eating And Drinking While Driving

Perrys is advising motorists to kick eating and drinking behind the wheel to the kerb. Trying to consume food or beverages while steering a vehicle is a disruption that can double the risk of being involved in an accident, according to a study from Brunel University.


Furthermore, you could wind up in court for not being in appropriate control of your vehicle, an offence carrying a punishment of £100 and three penalty points on your licence. You may even be prosecuted for careless driving which again means points on your licence and a fine.


Perrys’ motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, says: “The Highway Code says that we should shun distractions such as eating and drinking when we are driving. That’s because anything that takes our concentration away from the road will raise our risk of an accident. Nevertheless, too many motorists don’t see it as an issue to unwrap a chocolate bar, swallow hot coffee or swig from a juice carton at the wheel.”


Tim continues. “Driving is an involved task already. So, attempting to do anything else just takes the focus away from the task in hand. If something goes pear-shaped, we’re likely to respond less quickly because our awareness is elsewhere – and when we do react, there’s the food and drink to cope with as well.”

Tips for decreasing your risk while driving:

1. Control

Ensure you are always in total control of your vehicle. That involves both hands and keeping your entire mind on driving. Concentrating on anything else is a diversion that will enhance the risk of a crash.

2. Plan

Plan your car journeys so there’s enough time for a break to consume food and drink.

3. Stop

Stop in a safe place, such as a designated parking area or at a motorway service station.

4. Think

Don’t have confidence in drivers who claim they can multi-task safely when behind the wheel.