Phone And Risk Your Licence From Today

Motorists found using handheld mobile phones at the wheel will from today, 1 March, get six penalty points and a £200 fine.

Dangerous Distraction

Motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, said: “There is a real risk in the distraction of holding a mobile while driving. But there is also the danger of the mental diversion every motorist faces when attempting to do something else other than drive a vehicle. Anyone intentionally allowing some of our concentration to be focused on something other than driving is affecting safety.”

Licence Loser

New motorists face having their licences withdrawn through just one mobile phone wrongdoing under the latest rules, making it not just unsafe but also costly. Tim added: “Having your licence taken away in the first couple of years means forking out over £100 to re-apply for a provisional licence and taking fresh theory and practical exams. Add that on to the £200 penalty and you’re looking at a very pricey process.”

Turn It Off

Perrys is eager to make sure that every motorist who might be enticed to use a mobile at the wheel takes a few moments before a trip to make essential calls or to listen to voicemails. They can then turn the phone off and keep it out of reach to do away with any danger of reaching for it while motoring.

Safety First

“A bit of preparation is what’s needed, and that can make a big difference for safety,” concludes Tim Barnes-Clay. “Anybody in a pressured working environment needs the backing of co-workers and clients, so that we work jointly to get rid of the expectations on so many motorists to be accessible at all times. Let’s put safety foremost on every car, van or lorry journey.”