Phone And Drive… Then Maybe Lose Your Licence

Perrys is reminding motorists that you will get six points and a £200 fine if you’re seen using your mobile phone at the wheel from 1 March.

Don’t Get Distracted

Motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, commented: “There’s always a risk when holding a phone that you might lose control of the car, but the biggest distraction is mental, not physical. 100 per cent concentration is needed to drive safely, and getting into a conversation on the phone is clearly compromising safety.”

Don’t Lose Your Licence

New drivers could have their driving licence taken back after just one phone related offence under the new regulations, making it not just hazardous but also expensive, according to Tim Barnes-Clay. “Having your driving licence withdrawn in the first couple of years of driving means forking out over £100 to re-apply for a provisional driving licence and sitting fresh theory and practical exams. Attach all that to the £200 penalty and you’re looking at a pricey process,” he cautioned.

Take Your Time

Perrys is keen to make sure that every motorist who might be enticed to use a mobile phone at the wheel to take time before a car journey to make essential calls or to listen to voicemails. They can then turn the smartphone off and keep it out of sight to reduce the temptation of checking it for calls, texts emails and social media messages while at the wheel.

Preparation Is Key

Tim added: “Preparation is what is needed, and that can make all the difference when it comes to road safety. Anyone in a demanding working situation needs the support of contemporaries and clients, so that we work collectively to do away with the expectations on so many motorists to be on hand at all times. Let’s put well-being first on every car journey.”