Are You Honest About Accidental Damage?

New research has uncovered varying levels of honesty from drivers when it comes to owning up to their loved one about accidental damage they have caused to their partner’s car.


Drivers in London and the West Midlands were most open with their partners, with nine out of ten admitting they had caused the damage. Meanwhile at the other end of the scale, only one in three of those surveyed in the North East confessed about the damage to their partner.

Repair Bills

The survey, which was carried out by AlloyGator, found that the average cost of repairing damage to a car caused by a partner totalled £779. And while some incidents were as serious as crashing the car, the most common accidents were scraping doors, damaging bumpers, damaging alloys and cigarette burns to the interior.

Gender Guilt

Female drivers were most likely to cause accidental damage while behind the wheel of their other halves car, with 15 percent causing accidental damage, compared with 11 percent of males. Women were also more likely to think they could get away with it, with 21 percent of females failing to own up to their partner, compared with 15 percent of men.

Test of Trust

“Many drivers really love their cars, investing a lot of time and care into them, so handing over the keys to their other half can be a true test of trust for couples. Nobody wants to find a scratch on their shiny paintwork or a gouge in their pristine alloy wheels, so when it happens it can lead to arguments, not to mention expensive repair bills,” comments Curt Rathbone, of AlloyGator.