Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 7

This week, motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, has been driving the Ford Grand C-Max around like a mad thing. If he’s not been on the school run, he’s been diving into airport carparks so he can fly off to attend a car launch somewhere in Europe.


Not once has the car let me down, and, as a self-employed person, having a reliable motor is vital. The automatic gearbox has saved me from an aching left clutch foot, because more often than not I’m stuck on the M1 or M25 on the way to Heathrow. But it’s also a comfy, effortless car to nose through town traffic in. Forget road rage on motorways – I see more of it from parents losing the plot in traffic outside the school gates. I feel their pain – I, too, am stressed most mornings – but the C-Max does help – not just with its easy auto transmission, but also with its supportive seats and easy-to-park dimensions.


Parallel parking outside the school – normally between two SUVs, is uncomplicated, due to the good visibility from the Grand C-Max’s windows, as much as its compact proportions. The kids, as I’ve said before in other posts, are only too happy to enter and exit the car through its sliding rear doors. And knowing that the doors aren’t opening wide into the road helps with safety – and therefore they reduce that school run working-parent stress, too.


I’m still undecided how much I like the looks of the Grand C-Max. There are days I think it looks hunkered down and quite cool for an MPV. Other days, I think who am I kidding? It’s tall and sad. I lean more toward the former feelings – maybe I’m just getting used to it? But, whatever, the drive is fantastic and the car pulls well, loaded or with just me in it.

Driving Position

Another thing that keeps me smiling with the Ford Grand C-Max is the upright driving position, giving me a commanding view of the road – whether in town or near the M4 and the madness of Heathrow. I also love the radio/CD player and the sound quality emanating from the speakers. Blasting Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath at ’20’ on the dial helps keep the adrenaline levels up – essential for those long commutes.


Basic stuff like the climate control work wells and the boot is always big enough for my business luggage – and for all the bags and kit my kids take to school. My journeys never return less than 40mpg – which is fair, especially as I enjoy ‘booting’ the C-Max’s 2.0 turbo diesel engine!


If you’re in the market for a compact MPV – you need to consider the Ford Grand C-Max. It’s a car that has talent oozing from every one of its metallic pores. I need to work on cleaning the car a bit more, though. If only Ford – or any manufacturer – could invent a self-cleaning gizmo or something. Honestly, hammering along motorways in winter and carrying three kids regularly isn’t making the task of keeping the C-Max clean an easy one.