Pesky Potholes Are Bane Of Motorists

The Department of Transport has unveiled its £1.2 billion funding to improve local roads, cut congestion, and improve journey times across the country, equating to an investment of £5,907 per mile of road. But experts argue that the fund should be distributed more evenly.

Budget Differences

While the South West allocation amounts to approximately £35.33 per person, the North West’s budget is considerably lower, totalling just £20.11. Considering the significant risks defects in roads can cause, Council Claims state that the finance for road maintenance should be spread more evenly. Among the government road funding plans is a £250 million Pothole Action Fund, capital that is sorely needed according to Council Claims. Every year thousands of injuries, accidents, and damages are caused by potholes, and the firm specialises in supporting clients seeking compensation from such incidents. Overall, the finance and an innovative new trial, which will see refuse collection vehicles acting as a pothole-spotter system in a bid to identify problems early on, have been welcomed by Council Claims.

Pesky Potholes

Nicholas Tate, of Council Claims, said, “The fact that the government is supporting local councils in improving their roads is great news, and the trial to utilise technology for pothole spotting could give local authorities an excellent opportunity to cut risks in the future. We speak with thousands of clients every year who have been affected by poor roads and potholes, not only causing significant damage to vehicles but resulting in injuries too. It’s a national problem and the bane of drivers up and down the country.”


Council Claims supports people that have been affected by the negligence of councils and local authorities, including those that have been in an accident due to a pothole or another road defect. Backed by an expert and professional team, victims of negligence can take a case forward against those responsible.