Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 5

The Ford Grand C-Max Tim Barnes-Clay has on long term test had to take a bit of shelter last week. It pretty much stayed on his drive, thanks to a combination of snow and Tim being out of the country testing other new cars. But, as always, he’s got something to say about the C-Max, and here he is with his latest update.

Other Dads

I keep finding myself telling other people, including fellow journo dads that it’s a cracking motor to own if you have a growing family. Yes, the C-Max’s looks aren’t to everybody’s taste; like many MPV’s it’s not going to exude sports car sexiness, but it’s certainly one of the best looking MPV’s out there.

Doors & Kids

My kids have missed being in the Ford Grand C-Max because the novelty of the car’s sliding rear doors still hasn’t worn off. They make such a difference in tight spaces, but there is one drawback I’ve discovered: watch where your little one’s are standing. Let me explain. When you slide open the rear doors, they jut out slightly, so our three-year-old, when standing behind me, nearly got clouted by the door edge as it slid towards her. It’s easy to get knocked when you’re tiny, and normal doors – and tailgates – can clobber kids too. I just think it’s worth pointing out that with sliding doors, you can’t let your guard down either.

Easy Clean

The car, although filthy, has held up well to the last few weeks of kids clambering in and out of it. My three go to school, nursey, gymnastics and football, so it’s been quite a workhorse, especially when you consider the C-Max helped me do my Christmas shopping. So far, my son has kept his muddy football boots off the seats, but they have seen a few drinks and crisp packets empty their contents onto them. It’s not been an issue though, as the leather seats wipe clean easily.


When I was out of the UK, my wife took the Grand C-Max for a brief spin in the inclement weather, and although no 4×4, she found the front-wheel-drive C-Max gripped well in the frosty weather. When the snow kicked in, she daren’t drive it, just in case she slid into something or kerbed one of the very attractive alloy wheels the Titanium X trim has at each corner. She’s more confident than that usually, but the look on my face when arriving home, had something happened, just wouldn’t have been worth it. Moreover, the expression on the Ford Head of PR’s face would have been something I wouldn’t have enjoyed being on the receiving end of.


Well, at least my wife did one very nice thing before she returned the Grand C-Max to the drive – she filled it up with diesel. It’s the first time the car has needed fuel – so we’re pleased with its efficiency so far. Officially the Titanium X 2.0 TDCi 150PS Powershift model does 56.5mpg, and we’ve not been getting far from that. With all the parent taxi trips, and the occasional jaunt to a work event, the Grand C-Max has never dipped below 40mpg on average.


Right, I better get on with taking the car to the car wash – I can’t have it caked in salt and dirt much longer – it looked sparkling when it first arrived. It’s funny; I’m starting to look after this Ford like she’s my own. I better not get too attached. Oh, and I’ve just noticed the screenwash light has come on. Right, better go and top that up too. Until next time!