Dodgiest Places To Be A Driver

A new study reveals Bristol as the riskiest place to be a driver in England. The analysis is based on car accidents, road rage and road quality, along with statistics about vehicle crime.


Bristol’s score is primarily determined by vehicle crime, but other factors include low quality of main roads and a significant number of accidents reported in 2015.

Road Rage

When it comes to road rage, the study found the highest incidence is to be found in Lincoln, where a massive 61 per cent of people said that they’d experienced extreme frustration behind the wheel. Bristol compared poorly in terms of incidents of road rage, with 51 per cent feeling furious while in the driver’s seat.

Worst Places

  • 1st.          Bristol – vehicle crime placed Bristol first, with 296 incidents of vehicle crime within 1 mile of the town centre in August 2016 alone
  • 2nd.        London – the number of accidents is responsible for London’s poor score, with 9,182 accidents reported last year
  • 3rd.         Birmingham – with 2,732 reported accidents last year, Birmingham ranked as the second most dangerous place to drive
  • 4th.         Southampton – dire road conditions are responsible for Southampton’s fourth-place slot, with 10% of roads in the city in need of maintenance
  • 5th.         Lincoln – with the highest levels of road rage in England Lincoln makes the top five

London Drivers

London came second on the list, but the capital did have one of the better results on the quality of roads, with a government recommendation that only 4% of the main roads be considered for maintenance. For comparison, the worst score belongs to Southampton, with 10% of roads in need of some TLC.


Despite these positive road conditions London performed poorly for reported car accidents, having 9,182 in 2015. At the other end of the scale, Canterbury had only 260 accidents. Unfortunately, as a result, London car insurance ranks as the priciest in the country at £817 on average, a massive 60% higher than the national average. Perhaps they should consider a move to Dumfries – the average there is only £291.


“Everyone’s had a bad experience with driving at some point, whether it’s being caught in a jam or being in some sort of accident,” said Kevin Pratt, of MoneySuperMarket – the company behind the study. “Accidents, vehicle crime and poor road conditions can all affect car insurance premiums, so we want to make sure that everyone has the best information when it comes to controlling their insurance costs.”