Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 3

Our motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, has been updating us on what it’s like to live with a Ford Grand C-Max. Here are his experiences with it this week.

Titanium X

Christmas Day has been and gone, and we all enjoyed it. Luckily the Grand C-Max helped me get that last minute festive shopping home in its large boot – and the heated seats and steering wheel on my Titanium X 2.0 TDCi 150PS Powershift model kept me warm (and sane) on the way home to wrap everything up at the eleventh hour (as usual).


Indeed, I found these little luxuries so welcome when I woke, freezing, at the crack of dawn to take the kids ice skating this week. Looking at our street, we might as well have shoved skates on our feet there and then, but seeing as we’d booked into a special ice skating rink, it was a case of all getting into the C-Max for the half hour journey there. Once the car had defrosted and my heated seat and steering wheel were at full glow, it may as well have been summer out there. But it wasn’t just a case of “I’m alright, Jack”, the general heating system on the Ford worked excellently for everyone. And after a while, the children were complaining they were too hot. Typical!


Our route through town, along a dual carriageway, and then via meandering rural lanes, threw up enough salt and dirt to make the shiniest car look like an old bucket, but the Grand C-Max had no problems keeping its windscreen and rear screen clear, thanks to the strong action of its washer jets. The lights on the model I have are also kept clean, due to fitted headlamp washer jets.

Cabin Room

This was the first time our family of five had all been together in the Ford Grand C-Max, and we were impressed at its comfort levels and room. My three kids, ranging from 10 years to three years old, sat next to each other without a squash, and my wife had loads of head and legroom in the front. As the driver, I felt particularly confident in the Ford, as even though the weather was icy and foggy, and there was lots of road spray and salt being thrown up, the car felt genuinely secure and planted.

Load Space

Well, needless to say, we arrived safe and happy at the ice skating rink. Because we didn’t need to use all seven seats in our Grand C-Max, the boot was big enough to take snacks and a change of clothes for all of us to stay full and warm. Had we needed to take any extra passengers home – the two extra seats, stowed away in the boot floor, would have come in handy. Sure, the load space would have been compromised, but we could still have just about squeezed our bags in.


The C-Max did us proud, returning 50mpg on our 25 mile round trip home from our day of ice skating. I’ve got to say, I’m seriously starting to warm towards this car. I’ve never been a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) sort of guy, but this Ford Grand C-Max is perfect for our needs as a family, and it holds the road brilliantly. I’ve also discovered it’s got a cheeky punch to it, with the Titanium X 2.0 TDCi 150PS Powershift model able to do 0-62mph in 10.7 seconds. It looks good, too – or it will do once I’ve washed the winter salt and grime from it!