Five Worst Roads Revealed

Now winter is truly here and driving conditions have become more treacherous, new research reveals the worst roads in Britain to drive on.

Five Worst Roads

Road Name

# Of Complaints



Cottage Lane



North West

Liverpool Road (A57)



North West

Chester Road


Cheshire East UA

North West

Topsham Road, Exeter



South West

Bingley Relief Road (A650)



North East

Terrible Tarmac

The data, collected through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, shows the North-West is bearing the brunt of England’s terrible tarmac, with the top three worst roads found in Lancashire, Salford and Cheshire.

Pesky Potholes

Potholes cost UK drivers almost £684 million in car repairs annually, with one pothole compensation claim made every 17 minutes. In 2014/15, the UK government spent £4.6 billion on road maintenance, more than in any of the previous four years.

Car Compensation

Nearly £2.3 million was paid by the government in compensation to drivers whose cars were damaged by pesky potholes in the past year. The Asphalt Industry Alliance reported a threefold increase in the number of potholes in 2013 alone.

Troublesome Terrain

Ben Egleton regularly travels along Cottage Lane in Lancashire. “I always find this to be a troublesome start and end to my daily commute. The potholes have been dreadful. I’ve personally suffered a puncture on my drive home this year and the two cars following suffered the same fate within twenty minutes.”

Resurfacing Relief

Ben added: “We were able to claim against the local council who until then were repeatedly refilling the patchwork of potholes. Thankfully they’ve recently resurfaced Cottage Lane and so it’s now a much safer road to use.”