A Guide To Foiling Car Crooks

Perrys is advising drivers to be mindful about car crooks at this time of the year.


The crime of ‘frosting’ happens when vehicle villains are on the hunt for cars with the driver’s seat left unattended and the engine left idling. While the owner attempts to scrape or spray the frost from the windows, the thieves jump in and drive the car away .

Car Jacking

However, as well as this crime, there appears to have been a surge in more aggressive incidences of car-jacking lately. These incidents are still relatively rare, but we thought the following tips will help you stay safe and sound:

1. Lock Your Doors

Ensure you vehicle’s doors are kept locked, especially when driving in urban districts.

2. Know Your Route

Be familiar with the route you are using to drive to your journey’s end. Car-jackers may be more likely to aim for drivers who look uncertain about where they are going.

3. Be Vigilant

Be conscious of dubious activity in car parks and have your keys to hand when you approach your vehicle. Park on an illuminated, active street, or in a car park exhibiting the ‘park mark’ logo, which demonstrates that it has been endorsed under the safer parking scheme.

4. Remove Keys

Always make sure that you take your keys out of the car if you are going into a fuel station, even if there is a passenger in the vehicle. Also, keep windows shut.

5. Leave Space

Try to leave a space between your car and the vehicle in front when stopped in a traffic jam or at traffic lights. If you are approached by criminals looking to steal your ride, being too near to the vehicle in front will thwart your attempts to manoeuvre your motor out of danger.

6. Don’t Stop

If your car is bumped by another vehicle and you are sceptical of the intention of the other motorist, don’t stop – try to take the details of the vehicle down and report the occurrence to the police. Some car-jackers use the ploy of nudging a car and then robbing the car keys when the driver comes to a standstill.

7. Use Horn

If an attempt is made to pinch your pride and joy, call 999 and sound your car horn to attract attention to your vehicle.

8. Guard Your Keys

Guard your vehicle’s keys. Don’t leave them dangling close to the front door, as car thieves have been known to use rods and fishhooks to pull them through the letterbox.