Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 2

Our motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, is on to his second week with the Ford Grand C-Max. Here’s what he thinks of the car, so far.

Little Luxuries

Last week, I told you how my kids were fascinated by the Ford Grand C-Max’s sliding rear doors, even though we hadn’t driven far in the car. Well, this week, I managed to tear myself away from my master (the laptop), to buy some Christmas presents. The Ford proved itself worthy on the way to the town centre, coping with the snail-like pre-Christmas traffic jams admirably. After wishing I’d walked, I soon relaxed, once I’d stuck the heated seats on and the heated steering wheel. Yes, I felt a tad pampered after discovering these little luxuries fitted to my test car.


I should add, the Ford car which was loaned to me is the Titanium X 2.0 TDCi 150PS Powershift. Basically, I’ve got the top of the range version, so it comes with all the bells and whistles. However, whether you get the entry-level or the top level Grand C-Max, its function is the same – it’s a car that’ll hold seven people. Granted, the third row of seats are tucked away for most of the time in the boot floor, and even though they’re really only for kids, they’re still very handy. As I wrote in my last post, there’s also a ‘normal’ Ford C-Max, which is a spacious five-seater – so don’t feel you have to go for the ‘Grand’ version. So far, my three children haven’t had any friends in the car with them, so the two spare seats have remained where they are. This is no bad thing at this time of the year, as without the third tier of seats in operation, the boot stays big. With the seats up, the load area is only good for about three bags of shopping, but with them down, you can knock yourself out filling it up. Not literally, you understand.

Loading Up

So, when I finally parked up, warm, but short of time, I did a manic whizz around the shops to buy the family some presents for Christmas. I squeezed most of what I bought into three large ‘Santa sacks’ and, to my delight, it all fitted perfectly into Ford’s rectangular load area. My C-Max has got tinted rear ‘privacy’ glass to keep prying eyes from seeing what’s in the boot, but there’s also a load cover to keep goods out of sight. This pulls forward and retracts easily. But the best thing – and this is showing how easily pleased I am these days – is that with just a kick under the rear bumper, the tailgate lifts up. This allowed me, despite my arms being full of Santa sacks, to gain access to the boot – and load everything in there effortlessly. This ‘kick-to-open’ tailgate is a tech option I’d highly recommend.

Ford Dealers

Right, I better crack on with writing those Christmas cards now, but I’ll be back soon with another update on what it’s like living with a Ford Grand C-Max. And, in the meantime, if you’re interested in the C-Max, check out Perrys’ Ford dealerships – Perrys is always happy to help give you more information.