Living With A Ford Grand C-Max

Motoring journalist, and dad-of-three, Tim Barnes-Clay, is well placed to test one of Ford’s family favourites, the C-Max. But with his trio of offspring in tow, a standard five-seater C-Max might not be enough. So, over the next few weeks, Tim will be updating us on what it’s like to live with a Ford Grand C-Max.


Well, the Ford Grand C-Max has arrived – and just in time for Christmas. It’s a good job, too, as with three kids I suspect this long-term test car is going to serve my needs this festive season and for the first quarter of 2017.


You may have noticed ‘Grand’ in the name. No, it’s not a typo, the Ford Grand C-Max is, as the moniker suggests, a ‘greater’ version of the C-Max. The difference? It’s longer, and has seven seats instead of five. It’s stretched by 140mm and effectively plugs the hole between the standard Ford C-Max and the S-Max.


The Grand C-Max is more ‘stateside’ than some of the other distinctly European family cars we’re used to. That’s because it’s one of the Blue Oval’s global models, created and designed to retail here and in Henry Ford’s country of birth.

Sliding Doors

I haven’t driven the Grand C-Max more than a few feet yet; honestly, I’ve only moved it from the road to my drive. But that’ll all change soon, once I get my Christmas shopping head on and I do the last of the school runs before the term finishes. So far, my kids – aged ten, seven and three – have been mesmerized by one thing – the Grand C-Max’s sliding rear doors. They liked the novelty of this so much that they asked me to open the car just so they could sit in it and practice with said doors. I’ve got to say, with our narrow driveway, these doors are great – there’s no danger of grazed metalwork on walls – at least at the rear of the car.


I can’t wait to drive the Grand C-Max, and once my Christmas shopping list is written, I’ll be doing just that. I never thought I’d be so excited about driving a multi-purpose vehicle – or MPV, as seven seater cars like this are more commonly known.


Perhaps having kids has addled my mind, or maybe it’s because I know how capable Ford is at producing family-oriented cars? Whatever the case, I’ll be updating you over the weeks on what it’s like living with a Ford Grand C-Max.