Vauxhall Mokka X Review

The Mokka X is the first car from Vauxhall to usher in the ‘X’ badge for the marque’s upcoming SUVs. Motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, took the latest Mokka for a spin to find out what’s changed.


Fundamentally, the Mokka is still very much the Mokka – and that’s a good thing. The model is as versatile as ever – but it’s been given a makeover, so it’s now a little more attractive. The cabin has also been refreshed – but, more importantly, the Mokka has been given quieter and more economical diesel engines. It has also had more tech thrown at it, so connectivity is better.


The front of the Mokka sees the biggest change – it’s far bolder and has better kerbside appeal. The grille is now wing-shaped and the LED running lights have a double-wing lighting signature. At the back, the same winged signature can be seen in the rear light clusters. A new dashboard is the biggest change inside. It takes its inspiration from the all-new Astra, so now looks more modern. Also, the Mokka X now features Vauxhall’s intelligent ‘OnStar’ system that acts just like a personal assistant. This connectivity set-up allows you to talk to a person in a special call-centre who can summon help, or just provide you with answers to any questions you might have. Onstar will also automatically call the emergency services when airbag sensors trigger in a crash. The technology within the system has GPS fitted, so the emergency services know where the incident has happened.


The Mokka has always been practical, and the Mokka X is no different. Legroom is good front and back, as is headroom. Accessing the rear of the car is very easy, thanks to wide-opening doors. These make the rear seats less of an effort to get in and out of, especially for people with limited movement, or for when child seats need to be fitted securely. The boot is just as friendly, due to 356 litres of space and a low boot lip, which makes loading objects, such as pushchairs, easy.


I tested the Mokka X with Vauxhall’s latest 1.6-litre CDTi whisper diesel unit. It’s offered in two states of tune: 110PS or 136PS. I drove the latter, more powerful, model in front wheel drive set-up and in the flagship ‘Elite Nav’ trim. This variant houses leather, heated seats, a leather encased steering wheel, as well as tinted rear windows. Fitted with the manual six-speed gearbox, this model has a top speed of 119mph and will achieve 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds. Additionally, it will do over 65mpg on average, meaning this is one economical car. It’s also available with four-wheel-drive, should you desperately need extra grip, but performance and mpg are not quite as good.


The Mokka X is an honest, practical car for a family of four – or five at a push. It’s a compact SUV, but it does give enough room for most people’s needs. It’s no sports car, but with the higher powered diesel engine, it’s as good for motorway commuting as it is for a quick trip into town. Because it’s a smallish car, the Mokka X is also easy to park – and it’s a motor packed with modern safety technology, giving that extra peace of mind, wherever you find yourself driving. It’s still not the best-looking car out there, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe it’s just best to buy or lease this car with your head, rather than your heart. Why not contact Perrys to find out more?

Pros ‘n’ Cons

  • Practical √
  • Economical √
  • Connectivity √
  • Easy To Park √
  • Divisive Looks X

 Fast Facts

  • Max speed: 119 mph
  • 0-62 mph: 9.9 secs
  • Combined mpg: 65.7
  • Engine layout: 1598cc 4-cylinder turbo diesel
  • Max. power (PS): 136
  • CO2: 114 g/km
  • Price: £25,115