Be Noticeable – Turn Your Lights On!

Perrys is encouraging motorists to ensure they are as noticeable as possible, by turning their lights on!


The guidance comes amidst worries that drivers may be unintentionally making their cars harder to see from the rear when natural light is reduced, because they’re relying on automatic lighting and forward-facing daytime running lights. The issue is that the view ahead could be diminished, and there may be no tail-lights illuminated whatsoever.


Perrys’ motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay explains: “Many modern vehicles are fitted with automatic headlight systems. These, united with daytime running lights, mean it’s easy to get complacent by assuming that all your car’s lights are on.” Tim continued: “It goes without saying that daytime running lights, without any other lights illuminated, are not enough in low light or in bad weather. Furthermore, you could be virtually invisible to other road-users with no rear lighting on at all.”


Our advice at Perrys is to use your good judgment, and not to depend on auto lighting sensors. Here are some tips from us to keep you on your toes:

Turn Lights On

If visibility is poor during the day, then always use dipped headlights. Turning them on will also make certain your tail-lights are illuminated, so you’ll be more noticeable from the front and the rear.

Check Lights

Make routine checks of your headlights, sidelights, indicators, brake lights and fog lights.

Familiarise Yourself

Ensure you know where your fog light switches are situated so you can use them as conditions change.

Don’t Depend On Tech

Acquaint yourself with any fitted auto lighting system on your vehicle, but don’t depend on the technology to offer the proper level of visibility in all conditions.

Be Alert

Watch out for other motorists who may not be using their lights as effectually as they could.

Take Control

Tim Barnes-Clay concludes: “Motorists have a habit of not crashing into objects that are clearly visible. That’s why taking control of your car’s lights is a basic way to boost your safety and lessen your risk on journeys – especially at this time of the year.”