Vauxhall’s Scrappage Allowance Scheme Is Back!

Scrappage Scheme.

Vauxhall’s Scrappage Allowance Scheme is back, offering customers up to £2,000 towards a new Vauxhall when they trade-in their car for scrappage.


To make the cost of a new car more affordable, customers can combine the Scrappage Allowance with one of our Vauxhall finance offers, including Flexible Personal Contract Purchase Plans (PCP). Available on a selection of Vauxhall models, the finance offers to give low monthly payments and all the flexibility that PCP finance allows at the end of the chosen term.

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The scrappage scheme is running from now and is eligible on cars ordered and registered before 31st December 2016. Cars being traded-in must be registered to the customer at least 90 days prior to the order date of the new vehicle.


“We are pleased to welcome back our Scrappage Allowance Scheme, helping customers to fund their new car with up to £2,000 for their old model,” said Leon Caruso, Vauxhall’s Retail Sales Director. “Not only can customers potentially receive more for their outgoing model, but they can also use this in conjunction with some of Vauxhall’s great finance offers, making their new Vauxhall even more affordable.”


Vauxhall’s scrappage programme is not designed to rid the world of classic cars. As a result, Autogreen, Vauxhall’s recycling partner, will identify any cars manufactured prior to 1991 that are presented through the scheme and inform Vauxhall’s Luton HQ. Relevant owners’ clubs will then be notified, giving them the opportunity to purchase parts through the Authorised Treatment Facility.


“Vauxhall has immense respect for the UK’s classic car groups, irrespective of what make or model they support,” said Simon Hucknall, the Public Relations Manager for Vauxhall’s Product and Heritage department. “The Scrappage Allowance is designed to capture vehicles that are beyond economical repair, and given the low value of scrap metal, recycling of parts is vital to the scheme’s viability.


“We’re also confident that the number of genuine classics over 25 years old presented to the scheme will be minimal, especially given the steady rise in the value of even the most mainstream collectors’ cars in recent years,” added Hucknall. “But if we do see any, our ‘safety-net’ will ensure that classic car owners and clubs will benefit.”