Look After Your Vehicle To Avoid Winter Woes

Perrys is offering some simple guidelines for drivers to ensure worry-free journeys this winter. Giving some consideration now to antifreeze levels, batteries, tyres, lights and wipers, is the best way of safeguarding reliability in the wintry weeks to come!

Cold Snap

The current cold snap is likely to have caught many drivers by surprise, and the last thing anyone needs is to breakdown on a chilly morning. Prevention is always better than cure, so by paying some attention to basic winter maintenance needs, you have the best chance of ensuring you don’t get stranded out in the cold.

Here are our five straightforward steps for cutting the chance of a breakdown or glitch during the cold snap:

1. Lights

Ensure all the lights on your vehicle are working as they should. Clean them frequently to make sure they are dirt-free, so that you can see properly, and others road users and pedestrians can see you properly.

2. Tyres

Inspect your tyre tread depth and tyre pressures every week throughout the winter. Effective tyres will make certain the safety systems on your vehicle are as efficient as possible. We recommend a minimum tyre tread depth of 3mm, even though the legal minimum is 1.6mm. More tread will disperse lots more water from the road surface and will reduce your risk of sliding or losing complete control.

3. Battery

Get your car or van’s charging system and battery checked over to safeguard best performance. A lot of winter calls to the nation’s breakdown services are to do with dead batteries. Chilly weather puts a lot of stress on older batteries, so think about changing your vehicle’s battery now to circumvent the hassle of a breakdown.

4. Antifreeze

Make certain your vehicle’s cooling system has the right amount of anti-freeze, which is essential to prevent the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing up. We recommend you see us or a qualified mechanic to guarantee this is done properly.

5. Windscreen Wipers

Does your car need renewed windscreen wipers at the front and back? Make sure they are working correctly, without leaving smears – and use winter weather washer fluid. Don’t use your windscreen wipers to get rid of ice stuck to the glass, as this will quickly damage them.