Prevent Car Crime This Winter

What with the clocks changing last Sunday, you need to be even more on your guard when it comes to car crime.

Increase In Thefts

Recent figures from stolen vehicle recovery provider, TRACKER, show thefts of vehicles typically go up by 25% in the winter.


The reason is simple: under the cover of darkness, opportunists target cars because the chances of getting seen in the act are less. This is why we, at Perrys, are urging motorists to be extra vigilant.

Bleak Midwinter

For instance, during bleak mornings, it’s easy to leave your car unattended for a short time whilst de-misting or de-icing. Don’t! This clearly presents itself as a major opportunity for vehicle villains.


So, fundamentally, you should never leave your vehicle vulnerable, especially when crooks are looking to take advantage of the change in weather conditions. Of course, there are plenty of safeguards you can take to reduce the risk of your car being stolen, as our simple tips below point out.

Perrys’ Winter Security Guide

  • Never leave your car keys in the ignition, even if you are just stopping briefly.

  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended when de-misting or de-icing.

  • Always lock your car.

  • Don’t leave your possessions on show, keep them locked in the boot or take your property with you.

  • Don’t leave gadgets, such as mobiles or satnavs, in their windscreen or dashboard suction cup mounts.

  • Don’t be tempted to keep vehicle documents in the car. The same goes for a set of spare keys. It would be a car thief’s dream steal, as he or she could sell the car on easily.

  • Park up in a bustling or well-illuminated area. Or, even better, aim for an attended car park, or one with CCTV cameras.

  • Clear out your garage, if you have one – and if your car fits, park it in there.

  • Don’t keep your car keys in a place at home that people can easily see – e.g. don’t store them near a window or a door fitted with glass.

  • Think about getting a tracking device fitted to your vehicle. This will help the police find your car if it’s taken.