Pet-Hate Parking Could Become A Thing Of The Past

Parking is a pet-hate for drivers everywhere, and, in Britain, a quarter of accidents occur in car parks. 

Reduce Stress

Cross-traffic alert with braking technology, in development at Ford, is being designed to help reduce parking stress by detecting people about to pass behind the vehicle. It provides a warning to the driver and then automatically brakes if the driver doesn’t respond. A rear wide-view camera on the in-car display will offer an alternative wide-angle view of the back of the vehicle. Enhanced active park assist will parallel or perpendicular park at the push of a button.


“We’ve all become accustomed to the challenges of driving, but it remains one of the most demanding tasks most of us perform day in, day out,” said Torsten Wey, manager, Chassis & Safety Electronics, Ford of Europe. “Technology is already proving its potential to help make driving less stressful – and Ford’s investment in research and development is paying off.”

Steering Advances

Further technologies, developed at the Ford European Research and Innovation Center in Germany, include systems designed to help drivers steer around other vehicles to help avoid high speed collisions, and to warn drivers from travelling the wrong way down motorways.

Next Two Years

These new technologies, expected to be first made available on Ford vehicles in the next two years, are part of the company’s commitment to triple its investment in developing driver assist features. Ford also wants to evolve them further and to expand their capabilities, speeding the roll-out of systems that make it easier to park and drive in heavy traffic, and help drivers avoid collisions.