Watch Out For Little Witches And Wizards Tonight!

Ghouls and goblins, phantoms galore – drive safely or wicked witches will be at your front door!

Yes, in case you hadn’t realised, today, or rather tonight, is Halloween! Many motorists will be taking to the tarmac this week, going to have a fiendish time at parties and spooky theme events.

Safety Guide

So, we thought it seemed like a good time to give you a little reminder to be extra vigilant – not just at the witching hour, but when you’re driving at any point on this All Hallows’ Eve.


Keep your eyes peeled for little children. Many tiny ones will be out and about with their families on sweetie hunts. Tots have a way of suddenly breaking free from an adult’s hand when excitable, so it’s best to drive very slowly in residential areas.


The weather can change how people behave. If it’s rainy and blustery then watching out for vehicles won’t necessarily be at the forefront of soaked pedestrians’ minds as they hurry from house to house.


Dress fittingly. Try to transport your scary Halloween costume in the car instead of wearing it to the party. Some outfits, especially those with masks, can hamper your vision. It might be better to book a cab, rather than driving

Who’ll Drive?

Ensure you have a nominated driver if you are intending to consume alcoholic drinks.

Keep Din Down

Try to keep the sound down. Clearly you are going to be with your pals, but if you have drawn the short straw and are driving, it is imperative to fully focus on the road ahead.


Long floaty costumes and little ones on a hardcore sugar rush can be a disaster waiting to happen on the roads. No one wants to rain on anyone’s parade, but just taking a few moments to ensure everyone is safe, before you set off on whatever you’re doing this Halloween, will guarantee the evening is unforgettable for all the proper reasons.