Straightforward Car Maintenance Checklist

According to the RAC’s 2016 Report on Motoring, car maintenance is the second biggest concern for motorists, so we’ve come up with six straightforward maintenance checks for you.


The report from the RAC claims the cost of car maintenance bills has suffered the second biggest rise (after insurance costs, 46%) in the last year, with 41% of motorists saying they had experienced larger maintenance costs.


We realise cars have become more complicated, so it’s more and more important for drivers to know whether things, such as a warning light, requires instant attention or not. So, without further ado, here’s are our simple DIY maintenance guide:

1. Check Tyres

Check your tyre pressures against the suggested figure in the owner’s handbook and make sure your tyre treads aren’t below the legal limit for tread depth in Britain, which is 1.6mm. You can check this by inserting a 20p coin into the tyre’s main groove. If the external band of the 20p coin is concealed by the tread, it’s lawful.

2. Remove Unnecessary Weight

Get rid of any superfluous weight in your vehicle. Take any bits and pieces out of your car that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis. Not only will uncluttering your motor keep it spick-and-span, it will also help you save fuel.

3. Check Fluids

Check the level of your car’s fluids on a regular basis, including windscreen wash – to make sure you have enough coolant and a continually good view whilst motoring. It’s also vital to observe your vehicle’s oil and brake levels every two weeks to help extend the life of the engine and increase fuel economy. Make certain you do this on even ground when the engine is not hot and the engine is not running.

4. Replace Wiper Blades

Change your car’s wiper blades when you see a difference in visibility through your windscreen – this could be every few months to a year – and look for hairline cracks or chips in the windscreen itself.

5. Check Lights

Make sure all interior and external warning lights are working properly. Get someone to help you check your car’s tail-lights.

6. Check Seatbelts

Double check that all seatbelts operate to guarantee all passengers are in safe hands when travelling in your car.

Whilst this is not a detailed catalogue of checks, they are all simple reminders that could help put a stop to an accident and increase the efficiency of your car.