Mustang Cuts The MPG Marathon Mustard

Ford’s Mustang entry into this year’s MPG Marathon proved the car’s credentials as a fuel-efficient cruiser in addition to its acclaimed performance capability.

Economical Average

Drivers Andrew Marriott and Andy Dawson achieved 36.6mpg average over a 430-mile real-world course – equating to a 75 per cent improvement above the Mustang’s homologated economy figures. The previous highest MPG Marathon improvement was 58.2 per cent by Formula Ford drivers at the wheel of a Fiesta ST in 2014.

Stellar Performance

Ex- works rally team Andy Dawson and Andrew Marriott said of their win:  “The Mustang was perfect for the MPG Marathon due to brilliant steering, handling and roadholding. We were able to let the ‘Stang follow the road, with minimal brake use or wasted energy.” The pair has a stellar MPG Marathon track record, having set the benchmark at 108.8mpg in a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi in 2012.

Efficient Power

Kevin Griffin, Ford of Britain sales director, said: “Since the right-hand drive Mustang arrived here at the beginning of the year, over 3,000 have been delivered to proud new owners – two thirds of them with 5.0-litre V8 engines. They powered the Mustang to the top of the sales charts as the UK’s top selling high performance sales car. But a high power rating need not necessarily mean excessive fuel consumption – as this year’s MPG Marathon has demonstrated.”

Astonishing Improvement

MPG Marathon organiser Jerry Ramsdale said: “The achievement of the crew in the Ford Mustang was astonishing – our highest improvement ever in the history of the event – and it shows that even the most potent performance cars can be relatively economical if driven sensibly.”