Deer Breeding Season Spells Danger On The Road

Perrys is advising motorists to be extra vigilant in areas where deer are common, as their breeding season is now kicking off.


The next few weeks see deer become more active than usual, bringing them onto roads and magnifying the risk of colliding with them. Expert estimates indicate that around 75,000 of the animals are killed each year in road accidents.


Perrys is therefore urging motorists to be even more observant than usual, particularly as the mornings and evenings become darker. Be prepared to take appropriate avoiding action if you find a deer in front of you. Peak deer activity happens at dawn and dusk – at the same time as the morning and evening rush hour. This boosts collision hazards in areas where there’s a deer population.


Experts estimate that the British deer population is over two million, and studies from the RSPCA reveal that 75,000 deer are hurt or killed in vehicle collisions annually. Tragically, human deaths as a direct result of car versus deer collisions, range between 10 and 20 fatalities every year.


Here are five tips for motorists to reduce the risk of deer collisions:

  • Take heed of deer warning signs. These are located in areas where wild animal crossings are likely, so keep your vehicle’s speed right down and be prepared to come across a deer at short notice.
  • Be especially vigilant at dawn and dusk, when deer are most likely to be active.
  • If you see one deer, it’s very likely there will be other deer following, so don’t speed up and think that the hazard has passed.
  • Naturally, we want to avoid any kind of car accident, but swerving to miss a deer could turn out to be an incredibly dangerous action, if it means colliding with another vehicle.
  • If you collide with a deer, pull in somewhere safe and tell the police, who can sort out professional veterinary help.