Zap-Map Passes Electric Milestone

With the UK EV scene currently at around 80,000 vehicles and rising rapidly, charging platform, Zap-Map, passed a milestone in August by attracting over 40,000 users.

EV Drivers

These figures cement Zap-Map’s position as the UK’s number one EV charging platform, covering all charging networks and providing EV drivers with key charge point information. Going forward, as the EV market develops apace, Zap-Map is entering an investment phase to improve its user experience and secure its leading position.

EV Products

To take Zap-Map through its next phase of growth, new company Zap Digital Ltd has been formed. Zap-Map will be transferred to Zap Digital where it will form one of a number of EV products within a larger Zap platform.


Examples of forthcoming Zap products include: Zap-Pay, a payment and access interface allowing EV users to pay and access participating networks; and Zap-Insights, a survey portal which will open up an opted-in Zap-Map users-base for market research.

EV Convenience

Spokesman, Dr Ben Lane, said: “We continue in our mission to get the information EV drivers need into EV drivers’ hands. Having achieved our initial objective to build smart, simple-to-use tools powered by a quality dataset, we are now focusing on extending the product range across a purpose-built Zap platform.”