Famous Ford Winner Is The Mustang

The Highland Green Mustang GT 390 from the movie Bullitt has been named the all-time star Ford of the silver screen, following a survey by FordFest.

Famous Fords

Ahead of the Ford scene season closer, which takes place at Santa Pod, Beds, this weekend, the organisers ran a public survey to find out which of the famous Fords of film and TV resonates most with the British public – and the star of the show will be a replica of the iconic Bullitt Mustang itself, alongside its Dodge Charger nemesis.

Period Correct

Dave Redhead’s Mustang is period correct in every detail, while Chris How’s black 440 R/T Dodge Charger is identical to the one that duelled with Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt in the most famous car chase of all time.


Hot on its heels, true to form, were detectives Regan and Carter in the Roman Bronze Consul 3000 GT made famous by the Seventies cop drama, The Sweeney, while fellow 1970s law enforcers Bodie and Doyle, The Professionals, were in hot pursuit in the series’ famous silver Capri 3.0S.


Police officers from both sides of the Atlantic completed the top five, with DI Gene Hunt’s Mk 3 Cortina from Life on Mars in fourth position, and US crime enforcement duo Starsky and Hutch in their distinctive red and white Gran Torino filling the next two positions.

Top Ten

The top 10 film and TV Fords were:

1.       Mustang GT 390, Bullitt
2.       Consul 3000 GT, The Sweeney
3.       Capri 3.0S, The Professionals
4.       Cortina 2000 GXL, Life on Mars
5.       Gran Torino, Starsky and Hutch
6.       Shelby Mustang (Eleanor), Gone in 60 Seconds
7.       Escort XR3i Cabriolet, Dempsey and Makepeace
8.       Capri Mk 2, Minder
9.       GT40, Le Mans
10.    Anglia 105E, Harry Potter

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