Tread Carefully On School Run

With kids going back to school and rush-hour traffic resuming, a tyre company is urging motorists to take extra care.


Bridgestone is calling on drivers to check that their tyre tread depths are over the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm – roughly the same as the rim of a 20p piece – after the TyreSafe organisation revealed that 10 million vehicles could be driven with an illegal tyre.


Coupling this with the new school term and an expected spike in traffic and the tyre firm believes that the time has never been more critical to carry out some simple tyre checks – or even drive to a selected garage to get a professional technician to take a look.


Bridgestone expressed its disappointment about the recent TyreSafe research, which revealed more than 27% of tyres were already illegal when they were replaced. That equates to more than one-in-four of the 37 million cars and light commercial vehicles.

Child Safety

These figures arrive on the back of Bridgestone’s own primary school safety findings from September 2014, which reported that a third of parents (35%) had witnessed near misses outside the school gates while more than half of primary school parents (55%) were worried about their child’s safety near roads on the school run.

The YouGov survey, which questioned more than 1,000 parents, also revealed the following:

  • Two thirds (67%) saw other parents crossing the road without holding the hand of their child
  • A third (38%) admitted to parking outside the school gates, not in designated areas
  • One quarter (26%) stated they were more likely to drive their children to school in Autumn/Winter
  • Over three quarters (86%) were more likely to drive their child to school in bad weather


Bridgestone’s Robin Shaw said: “We were certainly alarmed by Tyresafe’s tyre research, which confirmed our fears that there is a poor attitude towards tyre safety among UK motorists. A vehicle’s tyres are the only safety critical component in contact with the road and if illegal, then the effectiveness of the braking and steering systems are significantly compromised.

“These statistics, coupled with our own from September 2014, make for worrying reading. With the new school term beginning and our roads becoming busier once again, we wanted to urge motorists to have a think about their tyres, spend a matter of minutes checking them and reducing the risk of any accidents.”