Motoring Fears Post EU Referendum

Half of drivers (46%) polled after the EU referendum are very concerned about how Britain’s exit from the EU may affect their motoring, according to an AA survey of 20,000 drivers.


The concerns ranged from higher fuel prices to re-introduction of duty free allowances and topically more delays at border crossings. The fears can be split into those perceived as leading to higher costs and those linked to more hassle of travelling through Europe.

Insurance Costs

Young drivers and those from Wales and Northern Ireland were most concerned about higher insurance costs. 18-24 year olds were also more likely to be concerned or very concerned at the prospect of higher fuel prices.

Border Controls

Drivers in Northern Ireland were much more likely to be concerned about stricter or more time consuming border controls, which is perhaps not surprising due to the frequency with which residents cross what will become the EU border into the Republic.


Commenting, Edmund King OBE, AA president, said: “The AA did not take a stance on Brexit as we felt it was up to our members to make up their own minds. However, this poll shows that many drivers are concerned about the potential for higher costs or more hassle travelling in Europe.”

Hassle-Free Driving

King went on: “We trust that our Brexit negotiators will be working hard to ensure that UK drivers can still enjoy safe and relatively hassle-free driving across Europe in the future. However, recent channel crossing events where thousands of drivers experienced delays at Dover – mainly due to lack of staff at French border and passport control – show that procedures already need to be improved even before any official Brexit. ”