Watch Out For Vulnerable Road Users

With cycling proving to be a fun and handy way to get about, it’s important for motorists to remain on the ball when sharing the road with vulnerable road users.


Here are some tips on what to look out for in summer traffic from Perrys.

  • Be aware of cyclists and motorbikes and check your mirrors and blind spots before moving off. Expect the unexpected.
  • Junctions are the most perilous areas for cyclists. Drivers sometimes only see the biggest vehicles and miss the smaller and unprotected two-wheeled machines.
  • Be alert to what’s going on around you. Even though you are looking for an opportunity to move off you should also be ready to stop.
  • Have patience. Driving angrily and blowing your horn can cause worry for cyclists and lead to crashes.
  • Cyclists will always be far slower than your motor, so keep a watch on your approach speed to avoid running into the rear of a cyclist.
  • Give riders lots of room when overtaking. Give at least a standard car’s width as you overtake.
  • Try walking a day in their shoes. Consider riding a bike for some of your own trips to get an understanding of some of the fears cyclists face.
  • Look out for kids cycling off the path and on to the road. In the summer they may be playing without supervision and when the schools start again, they may also be on unfamiliar routes to their new school.

Responsible Driving

With interest in cycling at a peak, it’s likely more people will take to two wheels to copy Olympic icons. Until we have a better cycling infrastructure, responsible motoring is the only way to make sure all road users stay safe.