Keep Car Cool In Scorching Weather

As forecasters predict a week of scorching weather, Perrys is advising drivers to make sure they are able to keep as cool as a cucumber.


Motoring in warm weather can be a challenge, but we can reduce the stress and discomfort by following some straightforward tips to make sure that we, our passengers and our cars are ready for the hot weather.

Cool & Calm

Temperatures across the southern part of England are predicted to touch 30 degrees by the middle part of the week, so Perrys has put together an assortment of practical and sensible information that will help keep motorists and their passengers safe and calm on journeys.

Top Tips For Hassle-Free Journeys

  • Plan your trip. Check the route in advance and don’t forget to build in breaks if you’re making a long journey. If you’re heading to the coast, expect many other drivers to have the same idea, so be prepared for jams. Plan where you will park at the end of the trip.
  • Think about leaving earlier or later, so that you miss driving during the hottest and most intense times of day.
  • Wear clothes that will keep you as cool as humanly possible, but don’t drive in bare feet, loose sandals or flip-flops.
  • Keep a big bottle of water in the vehicle. Drink plenty of liquid during rest stops, to help you keep properly hydrated.
  • Never leave children or a dog alone in a car on a hot day. If you see a child or a canine in distress in a scorching hot vehicle, dial 999.
  • Do some elementary maintenance checks on your car before setting out. Check engine coolant and oil levels, tyre pressure and tread depth and windscreen washer fluid levels.
  • Show etiquette to other motorists whose manners may be not be as decent as yours. Don’t get involved in rows, as this will go a long way toward keeping you – and others drivers – safer in the heat of the summer sun.