Film Shows Dangers Of Mobile Phones At Wheel

A provocative short film has been made to urge people to think about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving.

Video Story

In the two-minute video an actor tries to drum up support for a petition to legalise mobile phone use while driving. As he attempts to elicit people’s signatures, he tries to persuade them that they can look at the road with one eye and their phone with the other, and even suggests that mobile devices can help with night driving as the light can help people to see in the dark.


The film, produced by Aviva, features real footage of members of the public who are horrified by the absurd proposal and flatly refuse to sign his petition. People seem bewildered and angry at the request. The actor becomes more and more desperate to find people who will sign his petition, eventually resorting to saying that he will pay them for their signatures.


The light-hearted tone of the video is contrasted by a series of sobering written messages revealing that 40 per cent of people still use their mobile phones while driving, and telling viewers simply to “put down your phone.” The film can be seen on a wide variety of digital channels including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Peter Markey, of Aviva, says: “People will agree that driving and using a mobile phone is dangerous and wrong, yet more than 40 per cent of drivers admit it’s something they still do from time to time. Our brand promise is all about ‘Good Thinking’, so we wanted to turn this idea on its head and see how people reacted when asked to put their weight behind something which is clearly ‘bad thinking’.

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Last month Aviva announced that it is an official sponsor of road safety charity Brake’s national Road Safety Week. To view the video, visit: