Charge Of The Electric Vehicle Brigade

The operator of the largest EV charging network in Britain, Chargemaster, has taken responsibility for operating and maintaining all 124 electric vehicle (EV) charging points across parking provider, Q-Park’s, London facilities.

Charging Points

The POLAR network, operated by Chargemaster, is comprised of more than 4,000 charging points across Britain and boasts a serviceability record that exceeds 98%. Under the new partnership, chargers at Q-Park’s sites across London will be upgraded to the latest specification units and fully maintained by Chargemaster. The company also plans to install additional charging points in the coming months to keep pace with demand from a growing number of EV owners and Q-Park customers.


In the last three years, there has been a remarkable increase in demand for electric vehicles in London and across the UK. The number of plug-in cars on UK roads increased from less than 7,000 in 2013 to more than 66,000 in the first half of July 2016. According to predictions by the AA, there will be more than 500,000 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in use by 2020.

Charging Tech

David Martell, Chargemaster chief, said: “Today’s growing number of EV owners in major cities and across the UK expect to find an available, fully functioning, charging point wherever they park. This is something that we believe is paramount to the sustained uptake of EVs, so we are glad that Q-Park customers will now be able to take advantage of the latest charging technology, and Chargemaster’s market-leading reliability rate of more than 98%.”

EV Encouragement

Adam Bidder, managing director of Q-Park UK and Ireland said: “We have always been keen to encourage EV motoring in London, and have invested significantly to build a network of 124 charging points across our 20 sites. Our new partnership with Chargemaster allows us to offer customers a higher level of reliability, and to further expand our network in the future.”